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Ongoma featured in GEO Special

GEO Special Nr. 01/2017

A wonderful article in the GEO Special focused on music in Namibia. Ongoma was featured as one of the musical attractions.

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Drum Café listed as one of the 25 Must-Have Experiences in Windhoek

Matador Network, October 2016

Martha Mukaiwa included Drum Cafe's weekly drumming circle at Joe's Beerhouse as one of the 25 unmissable experiences in Windhoek.

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Ongoma now under Drum Cafe

Confidénte, 11 Feb 2016

Percussion instruments lovers will be pleased to know that Drum Café Namibia was officially launched in Windhoek last week. Drum Café Namibia, was previous known as Ongoma, a percussion and mbira ensemble that has been operational since the early 2000s which not only hosted performances but also interactive team building drumming sessions.

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Rhythm, Beat and Life

99FM, 10 Feb 2016

The Drum Café, a global drumming movement, has landed here in Namibia. And a healing practice it is, research is demonstrating the effects of drumming include things like accelerated physical healing, a boost in immunity, production of feelings of wellbeing, ability to release emotional trauma through drumming and many more treatment benefits for illness such as anxiety, asthma, mental illness, arthritis and much more.

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Drum Cafe in Namibia

Namibia Economist, 5 Feb 2016

Drum Cafe, one of the world’s leading Team Building and Corporate Events Companies, can now be found in Namibia. Drum Cafe will officially launch on 5 February 2016, at 11am at the Warehouse Theatre and they have promised that you will experience first hand why they are huge globally with high energy interactive drumming, boom-wacking and gum boot dancing.

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One Africa Television, 8 February 2016