Research through the ages has shown that the act of drumming induces an alpha brainwave state, associated with stress release, mental clarity, focus, enhanced productivity and creativity, and the ability to process information more effectively.

At Ongoma we took in the power of the drum, worked with it, and made it our own. This is how we share our experience with you:

  • Team Building through Interactive Drumming

Unite your company and motivate staff with our world-class team building program, emphasizing team work: connecting, communicating & listening via interactive drumming.

Click here to watch a video of Drum Café’s interactive corporate teambuilding.

  • Conferences

Open or close your conference or revitalize delegates between presentations with interactive drumming, a boom whacker session or interactive gumboot dancing. A great alternative to a keynote address.

Watch videos of Drum Café’s teambuilding exercise:
Interactive Boom Whacker
Interactive Gumboots Teambuilding

  • Performance Drumming

Lend just the right rhythm to your event by booking a powerful drumming intro or a drumming and marimba performance by our African music group Ongoma. Ideal as a feature show or as atmospheric background entertainment. The perfect soundtrack for corporate functions, diplomatic parties or private events.

We also offer poi and fire spinning performances with live drumming.


Ongoma also offers a comprehensive list of Namibian artists to book for your event. Through our event management arm, we have worked with and built professional relationships with artists such as Elemotho, Patricia Ochurus, TONETiC, Lize Ehlers, Jacques Mushaandja, and the likes.

We are also able to provide other entertainment acts such as dancers, capoeira fire spinners, and MC's or corporate speakers.

Further information is available on request.